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God's island, “Kudaka” island

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There is god's island in Okinawa. It is "Kudaka" island.


God's island, “Kudaka” island



5 kilometers southeast of Okinawa

Kudaka island is about 5 kilometers southeast of Okinawa island.
You can go there within 20 minutes by ship.




Small island

This island is very small.
The area of the island is 1.38 square kilometers, 200 people lives there.



The god's island: Kudaka island

The island is, however, worshiped as “The god's island” from way back.

The kings of ancient Okinawa kingdom, called “Ryuu-kyuu", prayed at this island.
Because the creator of Okinawa landed on this island.

In okinawa, all traditional priests are women, called “Noro”.
The place for pray is “Utagi” and exclusion of males.



Taro Okamono impressd by its nature

The artist Taro Okamoto visited Kudaka island and impressed deeply.
In Okinawa island, the inherent climate has been being less and weak by several external factors.
But the climate remains in Kudaka island.



Bicycle in Kudaka island

Best way to travel in Kudaka island is bicycle.
You can go round Kudaka island within 2 hours.
The island is not large.



Wonderful scenery is waiting you

Blue sky, white sand road and green grassland.
The scenery is wonderful.


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