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How to enjoy precious tea time in Okinawa

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You can enjoy precious tea time in Okinawa.


How to enjoy precious tea time in Okinawa



Tea trees grow area

The plantation area of tea is restricting as well as coffee and wine. Tea trees grow in a comparatively hot and rainy area, such as India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Chaina.


Okinawa is hot and rainy area too. So, there are tea plants in Okinawa.



Okinawa moutain area "Yama-shiro"

“Yama-shiro Ko-cha” is one of them. “Yama-shiro” area is the mid area of Okinawa and moutain area.

I drove the car a hill road in the mountain. After climbing a while, the tea plants appeared.

“Yama-shiro Ko-cha” plants tea tree and produces tea. 
In the shop, you can enjoy tea time, tea drinks and scones.



English tea time

The garden of “Yama-shiro Ko-cha” is also wonderful.

Watching garden with drinking tea will be precious time as like afternoon tea

You will forget that you are in Okinawa.



about “Yama-shiro Ko-cha” Cafe CHA-EN

Address 1560-8, Ishikawa Yamashiro, Uruma-shi, Okinawa, Japan 〒904-1113
Open Mon - Sun, 11:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Tel 098-965-3728


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