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How to enjoy Sun-rise and Sun-set in Okinawa

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Okinawa is the perfect place to enjoy sun-rise and sun-set.


How to enjoy  Sun-rise and Sun-set in Okinawa



Okinawa is surrounded by sea.
So it is easily to see sun-rise from the surface or sun-set into the sea.



The mysterious moment

Watching sun-rise from the beach.

There are a few artificial things around.

Dark night world.
Nothing but sound of waves.

Suddenly birds start to chirp.

Then, orange color light starts to appear slightly toward east sea.
And, the sun rises slowly from the surface of sea.

The whole world you can see is the sea and the sun.

Whenever I see this view, I feel the mysterious of the nature.



Where you can see sun-rise in Okinawa?

Almost recreation hotels in Okinawa are on west side of Okinawa island.
You can see sun-set to the sea easily.

But watching sun-rise from sea is bit hard.
Because hotels on east side of Okinawa island are few.



Hotel Hamahigashima Resort

If you want to enjoy watching sun-rise from surface, I will recommend this hotel, "Hotel Hamahigashima Resort".


This hotel is on the “Hama-Higa island”, which is east area of Okinawa island.

What is more, the hotel is on the hill of island, the view from hotel is superior.

Service of hotel is first-trate and modern, so you can enjoy stay of the hotel.



about Hotel Hamahigashima Resort

Address 202 Katsurenhiga, Uruma, Okinawa, Japan 〒904-2316
Tel 098-977-8088
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More info and reservation: Hotel Hamahigashima Resort



The greek restaurant in Okinawa, I introduced the other day, is near this hotel, "Hotel Hamahigashima Resort".



Enjoy your Okinawa!

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