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Best season to travel in Okinawa

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Few months ago, I visited Okinawa in winter season.
I found that winter is best season for sightseeing.


Best season to travel in Okinawa



Summer season in Okinawa

Okinawa is island.
So, there are many place to enjoy marine sports, snorkeling and diving .
Summer is best season.

On the other hand, sightseeing in summer season is hard.



Too hot for sightseeing

Okinawa is the southest are in Japan and one of the hottest are.

There is sultriness typical of Southeast Asia.
In addition to that, sunlight is painful.
We can’t stand for long time.



Go around in Mornin or Evening in summer 

If you travel at Okinawa in summer, you should go around morning and evening.
At that time, the wind from sea will cool down your body.



Winter season in Okinawa

Sightseeing in winter season is ideal.

It’s not hot.
Outside is comfortable.



What do you want to do in Okinawa

Best season is different.
It is better to consider what do you want to do in Okinawa. 


Enjoy your Okinawa!

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