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Meet “Yoda” (Star Wars’) , the Coffee Wizard

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Do you like coffee?
If so, you may enjoy wonderful experience in Okinawa.


Okinawa coffee:Meet “Yoda” (Star Wars’) , the Coffee Wizard
How to enojoy unique coffee in Okinawa.




The coffee lovers' country "Japan"

Japan is one of the coffee lovers' countries.

Japanese like to drink "Green Tea” by tradition.However, they love coffee than "Green Tea”.

Actually, you can find many coffee cafe easily at city in Japan. But it is difficult to find “Green Tea” cafe.

At Tokyo, there are many fashionable and trendy coffee shops.Of course, there are many chain coffee stores such as Starbucks Coffee, Tully’s Coffee, Doutor Coffee, Renoir Coffee or so.

Moreover, world famous coffee shops open in Japan, as below.

  • Blue Bottle Coffee: from San Francisco
  • Mojo Coffee: from New Zealand
  • Fuglen Coffee: from Norway
  • and more



Okinawa: Unique Coffee Culture

At Okinawa, coffees shops are more unique than other area in Japan.

Almost of them are not so large shops. But owners of the shops have a strong preference for coffee. Such as coffee beans, roasting or ways of drinking.


One of such unique Coffee shops is "MARUI Coffee"


Okinawa coffee:Meet “Yoda” (Star Wars’) , the Coffee Wizard
Trade mark of the owner of "MARUI Coffee”



MARUI Coffee

"MARUI Coffee” is the coffee beans specialty shop.

The owner of "MARUI Coffee”, Moriyoshi INAMINE, said

"my coffee is the deepest roasted in the world."


The deeper coffee beans roasted, the sweeter taste of coffee becomes. He said that the important point is “oil" in coffee beans. He roasts coffee beans just before flame up, but the "oil" in coffee beans remaines.



Amazing technique in roasting coffee beans

It is difficult to see timing. He roasts coffee beans not by machine, with handy equipment. It is said that no one can roast as him.


In hot day of Okinawa, he stands in front of fire for 8 hours, roastes coffee beans and watches them carefully. 



Like “Yoda” in Star Wars

I feel like he is Master “Yoda” in Star Wars. His ability of roasting coffee is very amazing. But he never boasts of his ability. He enjoys working for coffee.



He roasts coffee beans by hand, so quantity of coffee products is not so many. It becomes sold out immediately. If you want to buy his coffee beans, you should visit shop in the forenoon.


The shop is coffee beans shop, so coffee drink is not available. On weekend or holiday, if you’re lucky to meet owner of shop, you may enjoy tasting of coffee.



about MARUI Coffee

Address In “Onna no Eki” Shopping center
1656−9, Nakadomari, Onna-son Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, Japan 〒904-0415
Open Mon - Sun, 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tel 098-964-1188
Credit card OK



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